The Department of Computer Engineering conductedan online workshopon the topic “ARDUINO AND ITS APPLICATIONS”which was held on 25thand 26th November 2021 from 4 pm to 5pm at BOT Laboratory in Library Blockin association with the Pantech e-learning.

The first day started with the basics of Arduino. The session flourished with step-by-stepprocesshow to install the Arduino IDE and how to start working with Arduino.

The second day was another informative day which started with the basic pin output and how to program the pins. Uses of IOT devices in our day-to-day life was explained with great detail.

The event gave an insight into the usefulness of Arduino and its application in day-to-day activities. Thus, giving us a peek into the vast world of Arduino.

We thank our HOD Dr.S.P.Manikandan (Convener) and our Associate Professor Dr.C.R.Rathish (Event coordinator) for organizing such an informative workshop for the students.