“Chasse à L’EEPROM

Date: 5th and 6th of May, 2022.
Time: 10AM-5PM.

The club of the Computer Engineering Department, New Horizon College of Engineering conducted an event named “Chasse à L’EEPROM”. This was the first event conducted by the club in the 4th semester. It was conducted in Chhatrapati Shivaji Block,2nd-floor Computer Engineering Department of New Horizon College of Engineering. Chasse à l’eeprom was conducted on two consecutive days. It had two main rounds
and one fun round at the end of the second round. Students participated in a team of four.

The first round was named “Guess It To Win It”, held on 5th May. This event was inspired by a heads-up game.
We made 50 chits of technical and non-technical words. In this game, one of the four teammates had to guess the word that the other teammates had described. The other teammates had to describe giving hints without saying the word aloud. The first 10 teams out of 50 teams that had participated were advanced to the next round.

The second round was named “Chasse Au Trésor”, held on 6 th May. It is a treasure hunt but with a technical twist. Each team was given a set of six clues. Volunteers were standing at each location with a programmer. The first clue led them to the EEPROM, and the rest of the clues led them to a number that was encoded for aparticular letter using which they had to guess the word given to them. The order of encoding was done in a sequence that the participants had to guess. The team that found all the clues and decoded the 5-letter word was considered the winners. The event was concluded with the last round named “Last Shot” which was a stress buster for the final round participants. We made the participants play a ping pong game.

OUTCOME: Students will have a solid understanding of the basics of EEPROM