My daughter Raksha is studying in the Computer Engineering Department, New Horizon College of Engineering. Computer Engineering is a new branch. 70 to 75 percent of the syllabus is similar to that of the CSE department. The remaining 25-30 percent is similar to that of the ECE Department. So Computer Engineering is a mixture of both the branches. I was nervous at the start as this was a new branch and my daughter was in the first set of students so we had no idea how the placements would turn out to be. But there is no need to worry since the teachers are really putting a lot of effort into making this branch get more good outcomes. I’m satisfied and happy with the teachers. The syllabus for this branch is based on the current software and hardware requirements needed to get a job. Therefore, the opportunity to get placed in a good company is more as students from this branch get to study both the software and hardware sides of the computer based engineering field.