Think It Through

Date: 29/12/2021
Time: – – 4 PM

The Department of Computer Engineering conducted a workshop named Think It Through. It was held on 29th December,2021.
The event started out at 10:30am with a speech from Dr S. P. Manikandan, the HOD of CE Department.
Mr Adnan Khan started out by sharing the basic pins and connections of an Arduino Uno board and a basic blinker circuit.
It was followed up by Mr Priyanshu Roy, Mr Adnan Azam and Mr P Sai Kiran who had an interactive session with the participants on the basic sensors available for an Arduino board in Thinker CAD.

As the event progressed the participants were given refreshments, and it went to round 2 – The Quiz Round. Quiz around was close one with a lot of participants fighting for the first place.

After the Quiz Round, the participants returned after the lunch break for the final round – The Coding Challenge. Out of 25 participants, Ananda Krishna and Mohammad Althaf won the first and second places respectively.

The event concluded at 4:00pm.