Training on Machine Learning using Python

Training on Machine Learning using Python
• This course helps the students how computer learn from studying data and statistics.
• This is offered during their 5th semester
• The total duration of this course is 42 hours, which is conducted for 8 hours in the weekends.


The value-added programs provide students an understanding of the expectations of industry. Bridge the skill gaps and make students industry ready. Provide an opportunity to students to develop inter-disciplinary skills.

The Industry in contemporary times has become immensely competitive, the need for skilled workforce possessing manifold traits are the order of the day. Modern work places have become target driven, quality driven, skill driven and efficiency driven. It is becoming extremely vital for every prospective entrant into corporate life to possess a positive attitude to learn, perform and excel in work life. While the college learning immensely helps a student to be successful in his/her career, at NHCE we have brought a new dimension in this regard. We at NHCE, have analysed the demands of industry and have integrated value added programs in to our learning modules.

These value-added programs supplement a students’ learning, exposes him/her to challenges that are encountered in work life and enables him/her to face them successfully. Ample care is accorded to ensure that learning process is more interactive, practical and application oriented.