Date: 12th May 2023

Time: 1:50 PM- 5 PM

Venue: VMWare Laboratory of ISE Department

Faculty Coordinators: Mr. Rahul B


Description of the Event: The Club of the Computer Engineering Department conducted a hands- on workshop on DevOps on the 12th May 2023. The workshop included a variety of resources to ensure that students gained a thorough understanding of DevOps framework and its importance in the modern technology landscape. The workshop covered a wide range of topics, including the definition of DevOps, historical origins and need of DevOps. Participants learned about how DevOps addresses the challenges of modern software development by promoting collaboration, automation, and continuous improvement with a focus on the importance of collaboration between developers and operations teams to create a more streamlined and efficient development process. They were also introduced to the various tools and technologies underpinning the DevOps methodology, such as Git, CI/CD, AWS, Ansible, and Docker.